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It struck me recently that I do not blog, and that’s a bit strange. I work in Marketing and oversee a fair amount of content, for both my employer and our clients. I also spend a lot of time consuming content online although I have never found a blogger that I felt I had much in common with. I tell everyone who asks my advice on their personal marketing that they should be blogging. All of which has had me telling myself that I would start my own blog soon, and after months of procrastination, so it begins.

So how do you start a blog? Well I know what I want to talk about and why, which I guess is a natural place to begin. My name is Matt, I am 25, I am Marketing Manager for a B2B consultancy firm and I work (and since 6 weeks ago, live) in Milton Keynes. Yes that’s the city that’s made entirely of roundabouts and has more unremarkable concrete buildings than it does people.

I don’t consider myself an expert in my field, but I do know that I enjoy what I do, and so this blog is my way of furthering my knowledge and sharing examples of Marketing that I think are worth sharing. By doing so I hope to be able to collate and share the best and worst practice from across the discipline and if my peers take anything useful from it that would be great. In the long run I would be delighted if other Marketing pro’s, particularly those who are early in their careers and still finding their feet (like me), would become involved in some way or another. At some point within the next year I am also intending to start an MSc in Digital Marketing so I hope this project will help me build on my existing skills in preparation.

My particular area of interest is Online Content Marketing, an area which has been gaining popularity rapidly over the past few years. All marketing can in some way be seen as content and we as consumers, consume (surprisingly), a huge amount of content on a daily basis, often without realising. Content can take the form of an email, a tweet, an article you read in a newspaper, the video you last watched on Youtube, it is literally anything and everything. For those working in Marketing, it is a constant battle to keep your head above the water in a very competitive and increasingly noise polluted world. The broad scope of what content actually is means there is a huge amount of potential to contribute meaningful and creative , but to have any value it must have a purpose.

So I guess we can say that this blog will mainly comprise of marketing tips, case studies and theories although I completely reserve the right to rant about things that irk me. I also may wish to throw in the occasional post on my own personal interests and activities which include skiing, football, video games and the TA. Thanks for reading!

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