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I just wanted to share a recent piece of marketing that I enjoyed from BMW. Some months ago I signed up to receive updates from the Bavarian automotive giants regarding the release of the new 4-series, I was not seriously considering buying one but I am a big BMW fan having driven a few through work (and borrowed my Dad’s on a few occasions!) so was interested to find out more about the vehicle that has replaced the now legendary 3-series coupé. I was expecting the standard flashy brochure and a price list to be sent out about a month prior to launch but was presently surprised when I was in fact sent an excerpt of What Car magazine containing a feature piece they had produced. The feature was an independent review in the magazine’s usual style with a number of reader reviews and performance tests.

Perhaps less surprisingly the BMW 4-series had won the review contest, beating it’s rival coupé offerings from Mercedes, Audi as well as Range Rover’s iconic looking Evoque. Understandable then why this was BMW’s preferred approach in the 4-series marketing campaign, these reviews are generally very well thought of by consumers and I have certainly referred to them for my auto-buying choices in the past. An interesting point to note is the fact that within the review, the BMW was beaten by the other vehicles in certain categories of the test, so this was by no means a clean sweep for the car. The brand obviously felt the vehicles strengths compensated it’s weaknesses and that the target market could accept these facts.

The eight page piece was accompanied by a letter simply informing me that my local dealership would be in touch to arrange a test drive the car so I could pass my own judgement. Also the letter mentioned that I could find out more information on the technical specifications online (showing a lot of faith in their website car configuration tool then).

It is no secret that a key concept to content marketing is transparency. Provide the consumer with the facts and trust them make their own conclusions. If you have confidence in your product this should not be a challenge.

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