Matt Thomas

Growth Marketing Specialist

and creator of The Growth Hub on Notion

What is growth?

Growth is a unique function, distinct from both product and marketing. It aims to drive the success of a product by focusing on attracting customers, nurturing their loyalty, and encouraging them to share their positive experiences.The approach must consider the whole customer journey, from initial awareness to long-term advocacy, blending elements of marketing, engineering, product development, and sales. It encourages businesses to adopt a cross-functional perspective and foster collaboration between teams. This in-turn ensures that product features, marketing messages, and customer experiences are cohesively designed to amplify growth.Growth encourages the use of data-driven methodologies and experimentation to find the most effective ways to scale. Moreover, this growth-centric approach embeds a culture of agility and adaptability, allowing businesses to pivot based on data insights and market feedback, which is especially important when navigating the early stages of scaling.

How can I help?

I’ve worked in growth positions at technology businesses for the past twelve years. During this time I’ve helped many startups to launch products, acquire users, increase revenue and raise capital.As a consultant and freelance growth specialist, I now help startups from pre-seed stage onwards and work with venture builders within larger corporate environments. I also mentor early-stage founding teams through the Launch Lab Accelerator at City, University of London.


  • Growth strategy

  • Product launches

  • UX research

  • Product market fit

  • Performance marketing

  • Product launches

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • CRM

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • App store optimisation (ASO)

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Analytics and attribution

Recent Clients

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Case Studies

Burner (Los Angeles)Digital marketing project for an e-sim subscription app, tasked with designing and delivering a growth audit, followed by an SEO and ASO projectAchieved 32% increase in organic app installs and 9.2% increase in in-app purchases in four months across US and Canada
OpenSignal (London)Leading organic user acquisition for a telecoms analytics business with two iOS mobile apps and two Android apps. Managed ASO project focused on high growth markets in East Asia and South AmericaOversaw significant increases in install volume over six months across all four app products and across all major markets
STEEZY (Los Angeles)Supporting a dance tutorial subscription service through a period of fast growth. Managed performance marketing and ASO focused on discoverability and conversion in US, UK, AU, and CA. Also advising on attribution and analytics technologyContributed to app install growth of 650% and in-app purchase revenue increase of 180% over six months
Chatable (London)Fractional Marketing Lead role to prepare subscription app product for marketing launch in the UK, US, CA, AU, NZ, IN and CN marketsSuccessful product launch with 46,000+ app downloads during eight week period. Oversaw Apple featuring - successfully featured six weeks after launch in UK, and most recently in India, China and 57 other territories
Mode (London)Consulted on product launch strategy, performance marketing, analytics framework and martech stack for cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. Ran growth marketing workshops for the wider businessProduct successfully launched in November 2019 with IPO in 2020
Franki (Los Angeles)Growth marketing consulting role advising founding team on the mar-tech stack, user analytics and launch marketing strategyCreated pre-launch roadmap of actions for engineering team to set up and test attribution capabilities. Created analytics dashboards for leadership team and reports via Mixpanel and Appsflyer

The Growth Hub

The Growth Hub is a framework I built on the popular Notion platform to help startups to create and manage a data-driven, statistically sound approach to growth.By using consistent experimentation rules and templates for repeating tasks, and well known prioritisation methodologies, the Growth Hub helps startups to test and learn their way to success.The Growth Hub works for any startups or scaleups in any industry, wanting to build a cross-functional squad or 'fail fast' culture.

"I've started using the Notion page "The Growth Hub" and it's amazing. It basically has everything I need"
Ilya - Growth Specialist

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If you'd like to discuss how I can help your venture, either in an advisory capacity or in a fractional growth role then please drop me a note below and I'll get back to you.