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IDM PG Diploma in Digital Marketing – Course Review

Between February and December of 2014, every other week (bar a four week summer break), I have been attending seminars in London as part of my continued marketing studies. Earlier in my blog I mentioned my long term ambition to complete an MSc in digital marketing and this is a step towards doing just that. The

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JEFIT Fitness App Review

An app review for you budding fitness enthusiasts! JEFIT is yet another mobile application designed to help you take control of your exercise regime. Yes I know there is a huge abundance of them but  wanted to share this one with you as I have tried a fair few and this is the only one I have

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Is console gaming dead?

Will Mobile Gaming Commit Console Gaming to the Tech Graveyard?

I have read a few posts lately on the rise of mobile gaming and how it will eventually kill the console video games market and I have to say, I could not disagree more. I have always enjoyed video games across a number of platforms but most often on Sony’s PlayStation series, collecting all four generations of

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MUFC to Stream Match Live Via Google+ Hangout

Two of my loves, Football and Marketing, come together in beautiful harmony this Sunday. Or so I hope with the #MUFrontRow campaign. Manchester United have been behind the curve for a long time in sports marketing. Whilst their all powerful commercial arm secures ever more lucrative deals with all manner of sponsors, the fan facing

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