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Marmite – Love It or Hate It, Just Appreciate The Marketing

Marmite, a traditional British brand if there ever was one. That well known slogan; ‘Love it or Hate it’ that everyone associates with the dark yeast spread became a staple phrase of our vocabulary years ago. But how can a product really polarise opinion in such a way? The truth is that Marmite has been

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Nike - Risk Everything

FIFA World Cup 2014 – The Marketing

What a World Cup it has been, a record number of goals and a record number of tweets per minute . Here are some of the marketing and social media highlights and a few own goals as well. Twitter got on board with their World Cup update, allowing fans to quickly tap into the live conversations around

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Brand Burn by Volkswagen

**BRAND GRIPE ALERT** You get what you pay for Volkswagen’s new marketing campaign has really struck a nerve with me. The latest TV campaign, consisting of different adverts, is actually quite creative and well put together – but it is the slogan that they have got completely wrong. With VW, supposedly, “you get what you pay

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