Marmite – Love It or Hate It, Just Appreciate The Marketing

Marmite, a traditional British brand if there ever was one. That well known slogan; ‘Love it or Hate it’ that everyone associates with the dark yeast spread became a staple phrase of our vocabulary years ago. But how can a product really polarise opinion in such a way? The truth is that Marmite has been

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IDM PG Diploma in Digital Marketing – Course Review

Between February and December of 2014, every other week (bar a four week summer break), I have been attending seminars in London as part of my continued marketing studies. Earlier in my blog I mentioned my long term ambition to complete an MSc in digital marketing and this is a step towards doing just that. The

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JEFIT Fitness App Review

An app review for you budding fitness enthusiasts! JEFIT is yet another mobile application designed to help you take control of your exercise regime. Yes I know there is a huge abundance of them but  wanted to share this one with you as I have tried a fair few and this is the only one I have

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Is console gaming dead?

Will Mobile Gaming Commit Console Gaming to the Tech Graveyard?

I have read a few posts lately on the rise of mobile gaming and how it will eventually kill the console video games market and I have to say, I could not disagree more. I have always enjoyed video games across a number of platforms but most often on Sony’s PlayStation series, collecting all four generations of

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Nike - Risk Everything

FIFA World Cup 2014 – The Marketing

What a World Cup it has been, a record number of goals and a record number of tweets per minute . Here are some of the marketing and social media highlights and a few own goals as well. Twitter got on board with their World Cup update, allowing fans to quickly tap into the live conversations around

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MUFC to Stream Match Live Via Google+ Hangout

Two of my loves, Football and Marketing, come together in beautiful harmony this Sunday. Or so I hope with the #MUFrontRow campaign. Manchester United have been behind the curve for a long time in sports marketing. Whilst their all powerful commercial arm secures ever more lucrative deals with all manner of sponsors, the fan facing

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Brand Burn by Volkswagen

**BRAND GRIPE ALERT** You get what you pay for Volkswagen’s new marketing campaign has really struck a nerve with me. The latest TV campaign, consisting of different adverts, is actually quite creative and well put together – but it is the slogan that they have got completely wrong. With VW, supposedly, “you get what you pay

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  • BMW C4

BMW Content Marketing

I just wanted to share a recent piece of marketing that I enjoyed from BMW. Some months ago I signed up to receive updates from the Bavarian automotive giants regarding the release of the new 4-series, I was not seriously considering buying one but I am a big BMW fan having driven a few through

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Volvo Truck’s Grand and Heroic Marketing Effort

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme. What you see before you, is marketing, crafted to perfection. The word ‘epic’ for me is a generally overused adjective, like anything that we have too much of, it becomes devalued and worthless. For marketers, mis-use of the English language in a shallow attempt to ride the popularity

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Freewheeling; Twitter dictates TV… Ross Noble’s recent series on Dave will have been one of interest to anyone who works with social media, not so much because of the content of the program but because of the manner of which that content comes to be. The show focuses on Ross, making his way around the country

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